Lyrics for ‚your parent’s car and your town‘

01 wrecking cars

without a seatbelt I‘m crashing into you
will my head smash the glass that
we‘Ve been talking through?

And I‘m drowning in the seats of this car
no matter where we‘re about to go
we‘ve never been this far

and while jamie sings of my best clothes
I‘m about to flood this town again
and when the water will fill my lungs
I am gonna sing
I am gonna sing

use me

yeah I‘ve been here before
I‘ve sat on this bed
but never before
have I left with words unsaid
and now I am shaking like a leaf
you mean so much too me
you mean so much too me

02 fortyone are asleep

I know you won‘t be home
so I make my way to the post office tonight
I‘d send them all to you
but halfway I set them all alight

I don‘t know if I have told you yet
but today I‘ve almost made it to the hospital bed
where we we‘re dying
and trying to find some sleep.
But you said you weren‘t tired and I agreed

I know you won‘t be home
Have you ever been home at all
I‘d send them all to you
But I don‘t know where to send them anymore
Did I ever know?

03 let’s unfold some sofabeds

the worst part after all is to know that
I did not change a thing and that I will never leave this bed
I‘ll be sleeping on this couch until I‘m cold
it used to be a sofa bed but it forgot how to unfold


and all the people that are passing by
stop and stare and are confused about the static in my eyes
but the reason why they‘re so static
I painted eyes on my eyelids

I bought this unfoldable sofa bed
I even got a shovel for free
It was you who showed me how to dig a grave
but the one who’s digging is me

I know where you sleep.

04 and you‘re still singing songs that are meant to be whistled

tonight I‘ll go out naked
I wanna come down with a cold
coz I can‘t stand the smell of your bed
tonight you‘ll go out weatherproofed
a storm comes up and I throw up

sweat baby sweat
ignore the storm ahead
but when you lap against the shore
who’s gonna pick you up again?

and you‘re singing from the top of your lungs
songs that are meant to be whistled
there’s a difference between screaming
and striking the right note

tonight I will dress up like a blind man
I don‘t want anyone to ask
me anything about the weather forecast
tonight you will dress up like a sailor
ready to learn how to knot
but on this ship you will only learn how to cut

05 two fingers overlapped

You change the sidewalk
as we walk back home
you want the city lights
to shine on you

and you clear your throat

you say all our footsteps
throw you off the scent
where are we abou to go?
and my voice becomes so thin

All that I want you to know
is that I‘m doing fine
Just set this town alight
And all that I want you to do
is not to turn around
I‘ll be found
I‘ll be found someday

We change the sidewalk
just to make sure
It will last until we‘re home
It will last until we‘re home
Where’s the problem?
I curse at the wind
with two finger overlapped
my heart slips out of my hands

06 bright lights

I will make it
I will make it someday
I will learn to sing like I did in 2008
And all the simple words
they’s will gain back weight

Keep me warm

I will make it
I will make it today
I will learn to sing like I did in 2008
And all the simple words
they’s will gain back weight

The bright lights of 2008
only the records remained
but they will keep us warm inside
whenever Tim starts to say
that he has never felt that fucking grea
it will keep us warm inside

keep me warm

07 society does not spread your legs

I‘m tired of locking myself up in the bathroom
just to throw up on my own
I‘ve seen enough to say this is anything but love
I‘m tired of trying so hard not to sleep
am I the last man standing?


I‘m tired of all my friends telling me
that everything will work out
I‘m tired of all theese friday nights.

08 dancing with ghosts

I want the weather to change now or never
so I take her the places that we‘ve been together
I‘ll make this last forever
you said when you watched me packing my parent’s car
I started the engine
but honestly I havn‘t got really far

Because I‘m still dancing with your ghost

I want the world now
to stop turning or to slow down
Let’s see if there’s anything
that can move me or even lift me off the ground

And I want the sirens
to stop screaming in my head
Because I can‘t understand
a single word she says

09 1920

I‘m nineteen years old
and already scared of getting bored and old
do you know what it feels like?
when the best is gone
and the worst of all it about to come
when you got a single match
but you breakt it

My love, what are you dreaming of?
I‘m dreaming of a room without a bed to cry on

I won‘t get twenty years old
just like we haven‘t beome what you had told
we‘re not friends
and we do not speak
but I‘ve got a young bold heart
and dreams in mind
and I still remember where I was
when Michael Jackson died

I was waking to a place where I felt safe
I took a shower to wash the blood off my face
Out of the bathroom into the safe
but all the good warmth had been replaced
I guess we were leaving then

10 the death of june pt1

Love comes so easily
Love comes so easily

And all that I have learned
that this match will never really burn
match by match
my hands are losing grip
and my eyes are getting weary

11 the death of june pt 2

can somebody call her?
and ask her how I felt
when I met her at the water
and spoke all the words I knew

coz the sea would have swallowed
every word that would have kept
her away from me

but now the sea
it releases words
in a language that I don‘t speak

just please anyone to talk to me
Am I deaf or is everyone silent?
just please anyone to talk to me
is it dead or is it dying?